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Atlas Armani clothing collections TM Medini


Atlas Armani clothing collections TM Medini

The most popular in the sewing of wedding and evening dresses is satin fabric. Smooth, shiny, somewhere resembling silk, the fabric is very popular to create exquisite evening dresses and garments for every day. Made of silk satin Armani, with the addition of cotton and synthetic fibers, which makes the fabric wear-resistant and durable. The air permeability, drape and hypoallergenic characteristic of this material. The special braiding yarn makes the fabric smooth and pleasant to the touch.

For social events, a romantic date, and an evening stroll in Medini catalog you can pick up a decent attire. Chic style products, perfect tailoring, meticulous attention to every detail offers the Ukrainian factory Medini its customers. A brilliant, mirror surface outfits make the environment pay attention to you, you will feel a real delight, putting on clothes Medini.

Armani satin fabric used for sewing sundresses, dresses, blouses, suits and other garments. It is very light, weightless, natural fabrics, in which you will be very comfortable.

Medini Collection – exquisite outfits for all occasions

Women's clothing Satin popular. This is a very comfortable clothes in which you will be comfortable. Each model is designed considering the world's fashion trends.

Платье-туника Лана

Dress-tunic Lana – very light, summer apparel, in which you will be very comfortable with. Interesting style product has a free cut, asymmetrical seams and ruffles. Classy outfit for each day.

Платье Лолия

Dress Loliya – your gentle, refined and sexy image on a romantic date.

Платье Лагуна

Dress Laguna ideal for special occasions.

Clothing from the Atlas abundantly represented in Medini store directory, you can choose for themselves the amazing beauty of attire, which will look gorgeous. Unique styles we offer to representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. It is comfortable, practical and beautiful clothes from the Ukrainian manufacturer.

Armani satin fabric is used to create many chic garments Medini collection. Choose the best quality clothing in which you feel the real comfort and convenience. In any event, you will be stunning image. You will admire, and you'll be inspired by these positive emotions.

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