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The instruction on order status and goods.


Dear clients!

By creating a website, we thought primarily about You. We tried to do everything to ensure that the time You spend on our website, was spent with pleasure and benefit for Your business.

In this news we want to briefly present the "nice things" of our website.

Probably We will start with the fact that on the website You can access from Your computer and also another gadgets. And from that and from the other device You can to view the page with out problems.

Finally You can register on the site. Registration is very simple and only takes a few minutes. But coming to visit us (with your username and password) You can not only get a visual pleasure of bright colors and originality of our models, but going into the personal account, privacy and check the status of your order.

The order status "accepted"

means, that Your order standing is  queued for processing

The order status "in the proces"

means that We begin process Your order. In this period, against each item will receive information "in the availability", "expect" or "no". What this means:

  • "in the availability" - the product lays in your order;
  • "expected" - this means that our bees seamstresses diligently working on this model and soon she too will have You in the oder (just do not forget about force majeure, because there is still a small probability of failure on this model);
  • "no" - is not. This means that you need to make a replacement or reorder.

The order status is "additional order"

means that Your Additional order accepted. Additional order You can produce by going to your personal account and opening the order. There will be a button "Additional order". The additional order You can do at any time until the order with the status: "accepted", "in the proces" or "additionally ordered". Once Your order goes into status of a "compiled" - to replace nothing in him impossible.

The order status is "compiled"

means that the order is ready to ship and We waiting for Your  payment. During this period You will receive e-mail with the payment details and the amount to be paid.

The order status "paid"

means that we have received payment for the order.

The order status "sent"

we sent Your order and the waybill number You can find in the personal Cabinet.

Once Your order will change your status, You will receive service messages on an e-mail, which will inform You about the situation on your order.

We hope that we managed to make our company more convenient!

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