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Collection Blow your mind - an emotional outburst from the company Medini


Collection Blow your mind – emotional outburst from the company Medini

The new collection of clothing from the company Medini causes a lot of emotion, every image is gorgeous and refined, full of tenderness, passion, zest and charm.

Your style is unique, your image is unique, you feel comfortable, free and confident. These are emotions that are impregnated with a model of the new collection of women's clothing TM Medini. Sophistication, simplicity and beauty are combined in the Ukrainian attire fashion brand clothing. Free cut or fitted silhouette choose – it all depends on your mood and characteristics of the event to which you want to.

The new clothing collection 2017 is characterized freethinking, openness and courage. There are no restrictions in style, open to everything new, interesting and unexplored updates can be seen in this season. Women's clothing Medini will help you show off, show their best qualities and personality. You will be original and attractive!

The lightness and romanticism inherent in the new collection of women's clothing 2017

Костюм Хатли

The combination of white and sky-blue fashionable this season, suit Hatley It is an excellent example of this.

Комбинезон Ялта

The color of ripe cherries – jumpsuit Yalta.

Платье Аленушка

Dress Alenushka – combination of mint and white.

Платье Шанталь

The combination of femininity, tenderness and shyness characteristic dresses Chantal.

Блуза Безе

aqua color and all its nuances dictate fashion catwalks this season. Milk pure color will bring lightness and elegance to your image: blouse Beze a clear example of this.

The fine print of the floral patterns is always popular and in demand. Straight, loose cut, soft, pleasant to the touch materials and a high level of comfort – the advantages of the new collection of Ukrainian designer.

Women's clothing Medini will make you look incredibly beautiful! New collection of clothes to buy wholesale and retail, you can on the official website of Medini.

An inexhaustible source of energy has inspired the stylists to create an explosive, intense colors and interesting prints and jewelry collection. Fashion trends of clothes brought to the attention of the beautiful half of humanity in catalog Medini factory.

Each model of the new collection characterized by emotions: pleasant, inspiring to rash acts, romantic, naughty…

Dress in a good mood with the company Medini!

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