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Clothes Collection 2017 - whether the original with Medini!


Collection of clothes 2017 – Be original with Medini!

Total femininity, a certain aggressiveness and notes of 80s can be traced in the new collection of the brand Medini. The fitted silhouette dresses, stand-up collars, puffed sleeves, a wide belt – all these delights characteristic of the last century. In the spring 2017 collection of clothes can be a good look at all these details, which are popular to this day.

Every woman can take full soul, wearing a dress in pink, red or purple color, and all its shades. Frankly girlish outfits, tender, sexy and sophisticated dresses models offer designers this season.

The bold design solutions in trendy outfits from Medini

шейла, влада, элинор

Flirty, playful and tender model: Sheila and Vlad are perfect as a cocktail dress. At the business meeting can be put on a strict dress Elinor. Plain bright top strong theme in combination with a delicate dress, sheltered spring flowers.


Dress Bruna is ready to tell a lot about its owner, it is a strong, successful and ambitious woman who is able to conquer the world.

альбина, лагуна

Dress Laguna and Albina – evening gowns, their sophistication will be relevant to any celebration.


Striped combination – the trend in 2017, wide strips perfectly hide flaws figures. Designers all over the world in the new collections showed the audience some interesting models of dresses with stripes. Dress Janet bright representative of the fashion trend of the season.


Light volume frills on skirts and dresses in the collection of relevant clothing spring summer 2017. The playful shape with understated style combined in a model «Lambada».

дина и первая леди

Dresses «Dina» and «First lady» - refined chic and contemporary elegance characteristic model. You will feel the lightness and ease in these clothes. Floral prints successfully decorate the classic outfits, and it looks very elegant.

Stylists Medini in the new collection preferring the average length dresses, while adding a light, flowing dresses in floor.

Original orders for celebrations and business meetings, you can buy in our store catalog. Fashionable women's clothing wholesale is waiting for you, buy stylish outfits that will become a real decoration of your store, earning with us.

Study fashion trends in clothing Spring 2017 collection of the brand Medini.

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