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New tandem in the world of fashion - Medini & Favoritti offers reliable protection from the cold!!!


Became the cold. Company Medini, as usual, ready to take care about their customers. For that would, you and your clients didn't feel yourself coldly and looked beautiful, we present you TM Favoritti - one of the leaders in Ukraine on production of fashionable and stylish ladies outerwear.

Why we offer You products ТМ Favoritti? Everything is very simple.

Founded in 1992, the company keeps up with the latest fashion trends, develops, monitors the relevance of the equipment used, successfully withstand competition in the market of light industry. Designers are working exclusively with high-quality fabrics from factories with a world name. And because of this TM Favoritti 20 years later, stable operation, continues to please us with a beautiful models.


Orders for products of TM Favoritti are accepted in a General way, through the site, and includes are the minimum order.

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