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Prices and description of the new products collection "Blow Your Mind"


Dress-deuce "Zaire" - 580 UAH.
Composition: chiffon crepe + butter.
Dress two-piece consists of a bottom dress with thin straps made of oil on the bottom of which is sewn ruff of crepe chiffon top and tunic. Tunic loose-fitting, made of crepe chiffon. Set-in sleeve, which is collected on the bottom gum. Collar- tie fastens on the bow. At the bottom of the same sewed ruff.

Sweatshirt "Ilona" - 410 UAH.
Composition: Satin "Armani".
Tunic free cut, raglan sleeve ¾, V- neck. It is very convenient in everyday wear.

Suit "Hatley" - 1030 UAH.
Composition: Printed fabric costume.
Smart, spectacular costume is made of costume fabric with a gorgeous print. Semiadherent silhouette, patch pockets with flaps, shawl collar, trousers with a slight flare from the knee.
The growth model in the photo 170 cm Dimensions: 42-44 (M);. 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL).

Sweatshirt "Meringue" - 460 UAH.
Ingredients: thin bengalin.
Elongated blouse on pugovichkami so versatile that it can be worn virtually every facet. Fashionable and original style will accentuate your style and personality.

Suit "Lucia" - 820 UAH.
Composition: Suit fabrics "manzhelik" + Printed fabric costume.
Stylish costume consisting of a blouse and trousers. Loose-fitting blouse with dropped shoulder line. Sleeve made in the form of ruffles with open ends into fly-away. Straight cut trousers, tapering, with internal pockets in the upper part of the front. Zastezhka- zipper and button. V- neck.

Dress "Leah" - 480 UAH.
Ingredients: structural costume fabric.
Daytime dress fitted silhouette. Single cut sleeve- flashlight original cut. The side seams are hidden pockets and a hidden zipper inserted. The upper and lower parts of the back are connected stitched belt. At the bottom of the dress on the middle seam is slot. Supplement to platyu- thin silk scarf.

Coverall "Breeze" - 670 UAH.
Ingredients: staple.
Easy beach suit, cutting through the waist, cut free, the smell. Waist to
gum, kimono sleeves, attached a thin belt. Finishing gorloviny- bias binding.

Coverall "Eugenie" - 1070 UAH.
Ingredients: structural mesh + bengalin.
Jumpsuit loose-fitting, vtachnye wide sleeves, behind the back of the incision, which is fastened with a button at the waist inserted gum. The cuffs of sleeves, trousers and overalls made of lining bengalina. Belt included.

Suit "Lotus" - 960 UAH.
Ingredients: bengalin + Royal jersey.
Very stylish and versatile everyday costume, which consists of a tunic and leggings. Tunic loose-fitting, detachable waist, which is collected on the gum. Set-in sleeve ends with buttoned cuffs. The upper part of the tunic is made to the smell. Baska asymmetrical cut. Tights mimic the top of the trousers on the back pockets. Belt not included.

Overalls "Alpha" - 800 UAH.
Ingredients: staple.
Summer jumpsuit loose-fitting lightweight, detachable waist line. The upper part of kombinezona- top with an open back with ties and adjustable straps. Lower part- culottes, back on the waistband elastic is inserted.

Sweatshirt "Spanish Flu" - 460 UAH.
Ingredients: thin bengalin.
Fancy blouse cut free. The originality of this blouse attached sleeves, made in Spanish style, which is very fashionable and stylish. Neck blouses for middle seam back fastens with buttons of.

Dress "Silvia" - 570 UAH.
Composition: jersey.
Cocktail dress feminine fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. The charm of this dress gives the insert in front of the heart-shaped and single cut collar- desk. Sew in the Basque waist line gives the figure a special harmony. At the bottom of the back of the skirt is cut. The product without fasteners.

Dress "Chantal" - 640 UAH.
Ingredients: thin bengalin.
Elegant frock semifitted silhouette. Double volan- wing sewn into dresses reliefs. Turndown collar, flounces on the sleeves and on the bottom of the dress is made of contrasting fabric. The side seams welt pockets. At the back center of the secret zipper inserted.

Dress "Alyonushka" - 730 UAH.
Composition: Printed Jacquard.
Daytime dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. By the middle back seam secret zipper inserted. Juicy and bright colors of fabric will give you in this dress special charm and appeal.

Coverall "Yalta" - 600 UAH.
Composition: Printed lawn.
Summer jumpsuit loose-fitting in a romantic style. The upper part of kombinezona- cut kimono. Shelves draped with the smell. In front of his pants - and welt pockets at the waist soft warehouses. The upper and lower part of the suit are connected stitched belt, which belt loops sewn. The side seam is a hidden zipper. The set- fabric belt.

Dress "Esmeralda" - 760 UAH.
Ingredients: EUR tulle + oil.
An exotic evening dress for the bold and self-confident women. Cover- dress with thin straps made of oil. The upper part of the dress is made of tulle euros. Cutting through the waist, which is collected on the gum. The skirt consists of wedges 9, in which the sewing seams inserted shuttlecocks - Coquille. The special charm of this dress gives a stitched ribbon with stones - semi-precious stones.
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