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Prices and description of the novelties of the collection "Flourish Love Dream"


Dressing gown "Lika" A - 690 UAH.
Composition: crepe-chiffon.
Dress "Face" In - 690 UAH.
Composition: printed chiffon.
Summer light dress of free cut. The double shuttle is a little trimmed along the décolleté line and tied in front to the lace. Strap adjustable. The product is on a thin knitted lining.

Dresses "Medea" - 810 UAH.
Composition: thin costume fabric.
Summer evening dress, cutting along the waist. The top of the dress is decorated with a double shuttlecock. The waist is attached to a thin elastic band. Slipped to the bottom of the skirt. The highlight of this dress is the imitation of the lacing on the back. Addition to the dress is a thin belt. Product without lining.

Dressing gown "Elada" - 620 UAH.
Composition: costume fabric.
Cocktail light sundress half-fitted silhouette. The front part of the sarafan with an asymmetric bottom is made for a scent, which is supported by a half-waist-bow with a smart buckle trimmed with stones. A secret zipper is inserted along the middle seam of the back. Adjustable straps.

Sundress "Sonata" - 600 UAH.
Composition: printed jacquard.
A light summer sarafan of a fitted silhouette on thin adjustable straps. The shuttlecock coming out from the back converges on the shelf on the smell. Small flared sleeves. A secret zipper is inserted along the middle seam of the back.

Sarafan "Malva" - 730 UAH.
Composition: suit crepe.
Original sarafan-trapezoid. Double sleeves are flounces. Double shuttle on the shelf and backrest is assembled on a wide rubber band. Adjustable straps are removable. There is a secret zipper in the side seam.
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