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For attention of Partners and competitors!


Dear colleagues! Our partners and our competitors!

In connection with the резким увеличением number of fake products of the Brand "Medini" We are obliged to warn You that the company "Medini" has a PATENT FOR INDUSTRIAL design of THEIR MODELS.

This means that all our products are protected by the Law of Ukraine "on protection of rights to industrial designs" .

For reference, we inform as follows:

- A patent confers on its owner the exclusive right to use an industrial design at his discretion, in case of its use by a third party, is copyright infringement, and subject who has violated this right, have such responsibility:

Civil liability for copyright infringement;

Administrative responsibility for infringement of copyright;

Criminal liability for infringement of copyright.

Extract from the LAW:

Article 26. Infringement of a patent owner

1. Any encroachment on the rights of the patent owner, provided by article 20 of this Law, is considered a violation of the rights of the owner of the patent, which shall entail liability in accordance with current legislation of Ukraine.

2. At the request of the patent owner of such violation shall be terminated and the violator is obliged to compensate the patent holder for the losses incurred.

To demand the restoration of the violated rights of a patent owner may, with the consent of the person who purchased the license. ( Second paragraph of paragraph 2 of article 26 as amended by Law N 850-IV ( 850-15 ) from 22.05.2003 )

Article 27. Methods of protection of the rights

1. Protection of rights on industrial design is carried out in judicial and otherwise prescribed by law.

2. The jurisdiction of the courts extends to all legal relations arising in connection with application of this Law.The courts, in accordance with their competence to decide, in particular, disputes about:

the authorship of the industrial design; establishing the fact of use of the industrial design; the identification of the patent owner;infringement of the patent owner;the right of prior use;compensation.( Article 27, as amended by the Law N 762-IV( 762-15 ) from 15.05.2003, as amended by Law no 850-IV ( 850-15 )from 22.05.2003 )............"

TM " Medini" wishes You success in Your business, but only within their imagination and talent!

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