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Prices and description of new products continued collection "Albatross"


dress "Sonya" C - 850 UAH.
Composition: printed cotton.
Summer dress of a fitted silhouette in a fantasy style, cut-off along the waist line. The top of the neckline and the bottom of the sleeves - lanterns are assembled on an elastic band. Clasp dresses with buttons and comes to the lower shuttlecock. The bodice and the dress skirt are connected with each other by a prickly belt.

Costume "Aelita" - 1040 UAH.
Composition: thin Bengal + thin jeans.
A romantic costume consists of a blouse and a skirt. A smart skirt made of thin Bengal makes an impression of lightness by combining three flounces. There is a secret zipper in the side seam. Skirt on a thin knitted lining. Blouse free cut from thin jeans. A secret zipper is inserted along the middle seam of the back. The neck of the shelf is decorated with braid with pearls. The sleeves' sleeves and the bottom of the shelf are decorated with expensive knitted lace.

Blouse "Emilia" - 640 UAH.
Composition: printed thin atlas.
A gentle casual blouse of free cut, cut off along the waist line. The turndown collar on the counter and the strap are fastened to small buttons. The belly of the blouse is decorated with a flounce, from under which comes a flared to the bottom sleeve ¾.

Dress "Lalya" In - 800 UAH.
Composition: printed cotton.
Summer coquettish dress fitted silhouette. A very original solution for the shuttle at the top of the dress, which is attached to the bar that regulates the shoulder sections. The right cut is worn on the shoulder, and the left one is half-masted. On the flared skirt, the bar asymmetrically drops to the bottom. The upper and lower part of the dress are interconnected by a prickly belt. In the side seams of the skirt are internal pockets, which are determined by the valves attached to the skirt by buttons. Unusually and elegantly looks the color edging along the edge of the bar, belt and valves. Small buttons in the color of the edge on the snap bar complete the image of the dress. Clasp-a secret zipper in the side seam.

The skirt "Assiya" - 800 UAH.
Composition: printed thin atlas.
Summer light, soft three-level skirt with a wide elastic band. Easily combined with any thing of your wardrobe.
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