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Prices and description of new products continued collection "Be The One"


Overalls "Alpha" - 960 UAH.
Composition: Printed slim jeans.
Summer jumpsuit loose-fitting lightweight, detachable waist line. The upper part of kombinezona- top with an open back with ties and adjustable straps. Lower part- culottes, back on the waistband elastic is inserted.
The growth model in the photo 170 cm Dimensions: 42-44 (M);. 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL).

Dress "Sheila" - 910 UAH.
Ingredients: structural costume fabric.
Daytime dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. Front zipper zastezhka- -traktor. Vtachnoy narrow short sleeves, collar- desk. The skirt knit lining. And nakonets double "Coquille", which gives the dress an unusual appearance.

Dress "Kubinka" - 1200 UAH.
Composition: Printed Jacquard.
Light, summer dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. Skirt- sun, near the waistline laid soft warehouses. The bottom of the skirt is asymmetrical. Sleeve- wing, fitting hand. By the middle back seam secret zipper inserted. The upper part of the product on the thin knitted lining.

Sweatshirt "Spanish Flu" - 480 UAH.
Composition: chiffon.
Fancy blouse cut free. The originality of this blouse attached sleeves, made in Spanish style, which is very fashionable and stylish. The blouse is made of double-chiffon. On average seam spinki- secret zipper.

Dress "Alyonushka" - 710 UAH.
Composition: Printed polished light suit fabrics.
Daytime dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. Short sleeve on the cuff. By the middle back seam secret zipper inserted. Juicy and bright colors of fabric will give you in this dress special charm and appeal.

Tunic "Lotus" - 450 UAH.
Composition: chiffon.
Very stylish and versatile tunic, loose-fitting, detachable waist line, which is collected on the gum. The upper part of the tunic is made of double chiffon to smell. Set-in sleeve ends with buttoned cuffs. Baska asymmetrical cut. Belt not included.

Dress "Juliette" - 730 UAH.
Composition: suede + French lace.
Elegant dresses free breed, flared at the bottom. Collar- stand back fastens with buttons of. Set-in sleeve on the elbow of guipure line divided strip of eco leather, which comes under the flashlight ending cuff.

Dress- shirt "Virginia" - 590 UAH.
Ingredients: poliviskoza + French lace.
Easy dress- shirt freestyle. The upper part of the set-in sleeves and yoke shelves and back are made of French lace, which makes it attractive and sexy dress. Turndown collar at the front end bar to the bottom of the dress and fastens with buttons of. Bottom sleeve- on the cuff with buttons of.

Shirt "Betty" - 440 UAH.
Composition: stretch cotton.
Universal casual comfortable loose-fitting shirt. Set-in sleeve ends with buttoned cuffs. In the upper part of the shelf are pockets with flaps. Turndown collar at the front. Zipper buttons.

Suit "Haley" - 1170 UAH.
Composition: Printed polished lightweight suiting fabric + chiffon crepe.
Three-piece suit consisting of a jacket, trousers and blouses. Breasted vest fitted silhouette with English collar. On polochkah- welt pockets in the frame. Fastens with two buttons. Without padding. Crepe chiffon blouse of free breed. Wide vtachnoy sleeve assembled on the bottom nitku- gum. According stitched neck scarf, the ends of which are fastened to the bow. Classic leggings high landing, which fastened with three buttons and a snake.

Dress "Blanca" - 770 UAH.
Ingredients: structural costume fabric.
Summer is very gentle Dress free breed with an elongated waistline, in which the joints are welt pockets. A special highlight of this magnificent sezona- sleeve- flashlight with bared shoulders. Is fastened on the front dress molniyu- tractor, which is decorated with a stylish slider podveskoy- blade with a stone. Dress on the thin knitted lining.

Dress "Justin" - 710 UAH.
Composition: brushed tricot.
Cocktail dress fitted silhouette with set-in sleeves ¾. Bottom of the barrel sleeve and skirt trimmed with lace cloth. The slotted front skirt smell. By the middle back seam secret zipper inserted.

Tunic "Savannah" - 470 UAH.
Ingredients: fine polished costume fabric.
Bright, juicy tunika- razletayka. Long sleeve ends vtachnoy razkleshennym wide frill. Turndown collar fastened to the bow thin tesemochkami. Bottom asymmetrical tunics. Flirt shelves and back light highlights frill.

Dress "Holly" - 530 UAH.
Composition: Printed bengalin.
Daytime summer dress free cut with a set ¾ sleeve on the cuff. Turn-down collar- Front ends a small bar to the chest line and fastens with buttons. Wide ruff on the bottom of the dress gives lightness and airiness.

Dress - Cardigan "Brigita" - 1000 UAH.
Ingredients: Thin Printed Cotton.
Easy dress cardigan semiadherent silhouette that can be used anytime and anywhere. Shawl collar, which ends clasp four buttons. Vtachnoy wide sleeves, welt pockets at the bottom shelves make this thing very easy.

Dress "Cynthia" - 660 UAH.
Ingredients: thin bengalin.
Dress fancy style, very unusual and air. The elongated waistline collected on gum, which comes out from under the double skirt- shuttlecock. An interesting solution set-in sleeves, armhole on the wing gives a certain charm of the general image of the dress. Small collar- rack fastened on the middle back seam on a hidden zipper.

Dress "Milan" -450 UAH.
Ingredients: fine suit fabrics "kamplan".
Flirty summer dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. Everyone will fall like cute ruffles on the armhole, basque shelves and edges of small valves. Complete the style of this dress is beautiful buttons in gold. By the middle back seam is a hidden zipper.
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