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Prices and description of the collection of new products, "Gold Rush"


Sweatshirt "Poetry" - 510 UAH.
Composition: Satin "Armani".
Business blouse in a romantic style with an asymmetrical bottom. Vtachnoy Long sleeves ending with a button cuff. Golovin processed in the "Chanel" style. Blouse fastens with buttons.

Dress «Gabriel»
Ingredients: knitted "hem" - 600 UAH.
Ingredients: knitted "melange" - 420 UAH.
Classic dress-holder, which will be a great addition to any jacket or pizhdaku.

Dress-shirt "Nicky" - 630 UAH.
Ingredients: kostyumka.
Dress-shirt free cut with vorotnikom- rack, patch pockets with flaps on the long sleeve cuff. Rack shirts shorter back. Fastens with buttons. It can be worn with a belt and without a belt. The severity of style slightly violate multicolored butterflies, nastrochennye on shelves blouses.

Skirt "Freesia" - 440 UAH.
Ingredients: thin jersey "ripple."
The skirt for all occasions. The skirt is assembled on a decorative elastic band with lurex.

Tunic "Judy" - 650 UAH.
Ingredients: dvunitka print.
Free tunic, do not hesitate any movements. V- neck and cuffs on the sleeves are made from fabric finishing. At the bottom of the forehand laid warehouses. The back is much longer than the shelf.

Jacket "Alina" - 580 UAH.
Ingredients: dvunitka print.
Jacket cape, without fasteners. ¾ of a set-sleeve, cuff with a single cut, which allows you to adjust the length of the sleeves. On the shelves is "frame" welt pockets. Regular classic collar-Schalke. Jacket unlined.

Suit "Marcela" - 820 UAH.
Composition: lace + fine suit fabrics.
Smart female costume, consisting of a blouse and skirt. Blouse fitted silhouette with long, narrow sleeves. Rack planted on a thin knitted base that allows you to have an average stretch blouse. Skirt pokroya- polusolntse ,. The front has two internal pockets. Behind the central seam secret zipper inserted. Instead podyubnika- shorts that are fastened to the side seams and the skirt are made of thin fabric costume.

Poncho "Sorceress" - 800 UAH.
Composition: jersey.
Your favorite poncho becomes each time more effective. For a comfortable fit, the front zipper is inserted. Holes for hands handled "eco" leather. Complete the picture of a large decorative buttons.

Three-piece suit "Puerta" - 930 UAH.
Composition: jersey.
The costume consists of a jacket, trousers and blouses. Vest free silhouette, without the fastener. Blouse fitted silhouette with long, narrow sleeves, a round neck, decorated with inlay of a different color. Tight pants with a high belt, narrowed to the bottom. On the front of bryuk- inside pockets, the entrance to which are treated as a different color inlay.

Three-piece suit "Rachelle"
Composition: cotton "Memory" + mesh with sprayed - 1280 UAH.
Ingredients: atlass-cotton + mesh with sprayed - 1300 UAH.
Elegant evening dress consists of blouses, capes, Topeka and trousers. Blouse cape loose-fitting, made of powder-coated mesh. Sleeve ¾, which ends cuff of the underlying tissue. The neck fastens on buttons of. Adjacent topic, on adjustable straps. Narrow trousers middle landing, fastened in front with a zipper and two buttons. Zastrochennye front arrows accentuate the harmony of your feet.

Jumper "Disco" - 500 UAH.
Ingredients: knitted "header."
Classic Youth jumper. Beyka neck, cuffs and hem, made of thin dovyaza.

Dress "Inessa" - 540 UAH.
Ingredients: dvunitka print.
Dress straight silhouette, with a V- shaped neckline, ¾ of the sleeve, on the shelf welt pockets "leaves." Piping neck, cuffs on the sleeves and the leaves on the pockets are made of tissue-finishing diving. For the convenience of walking down the side shvov- small incisions.

Suit "Regina" - 780 UAH.
Ingredients: dvunitka print + trehnitka.
Comfortable warm suit consisting of a jumper and trousers. Cardigan made of Printed dvunitki with sleeves "bat", will have everyone's liking. Warm pants trehnitki bottom on the cuff, there are internal pockets. Wide belt inside an elastic band.

Shirt tunic "Aziz" - 600 UAH.
Ingredients: kostyumka.
Free-shirt tunic flared towards the bottom with an asymmetrical bottom. The side seams cuts. Turndown collar at the front. Set-in sleeves with cuff. Fastens with buttons.

Dress "rosette" - 910 UAH.
Ingredients: a magnificent and airy fabric "Voile".
the smell of dress, tied at the waist. The bodice and skirt are connected stitched belt. On the bodice and waist yubki- soft assembly. Vtachnoy long sleeve on the cuff that fastens with a button. Lining on the front of the shelf and petticoats of fine knitwear.

Dress "Edelweiss" - 820 UAH.
Composition: Printed crepe crepe + monochromatic.
Very cute delicate dress with a skirt original perky "Fourth Sun", will give you a great mood! The main fabric - Printed crepe + finishing of crepe monochromatic. Decorated with a removable belt. In a hidden side seam zipper inserted.
eznoe at the waist, a belt with an elastic band. Easy style "mouse"
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