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Prices and description of the novelties of the continuation of the collection "MY DREAMS"


Dress "Ketty" - 710 UAH.
Composition: printed cotton.
Casual half-dressed dress-shirt in sports style, cut-off along the waist line. Short vtachnoy sleeve, turndown collar on the rack, the bar for the entire length of the dress, which is buttoned. Left on the shelf is a patch pocket with a flap. Skirt-cut "half-flared" with side inner pockets on the front. A rubber band sewn into the culis is inserted along the waist line. The bottom of the dress is asymmetric. A fashionable element of this season is a red color ribbon sewn on the side seams.

Costume "Florance" - 1080 UAH.
Composition: proshva + costume flax "dubai".
Casual light suit, consisting of blouse and skirt. Blouse-flywheel is made from the past without a lining. Rukav-raglan ¾ is assembled downstairs with an elastic band. The top of the neckline is decorated with flounces and is also assembled on an elastic band. The straight skirt is made of the "dubai" costume flax and has in front a smell in the form of two flounces, the bottom of which is trimmed with a narrow knitted linen lace. Pritachnoj a belt and a secret zipper on an average seam of a back. Skirt without lining.

Dress-shirt "Alexa" With - 1090 грн.
Ingredients: Bengal.
Casual dress is a loose-cut shirt, in which fantasy elements are connected. The turndown collar on the counter, the overhead breast pockets with valves and patch pockets with slotted sheets at the bottom of the dress slightly resemble the denim style. The main part of the vtachnogo sleeve is made of woven mesh with a pattern and ends with a cuff on the button. The dress has a bar along the entire length, which is buttoned. A fabric belt is included.

Sundress "Constance" - 930 UAH.
Composition: printed atlas Armani.
Summer sarafan half-fitted silhouette on thin adjustable straps, lightness and airiness which give flounces in the upper and lower parts. The bottom is asymmetric. There is a secret zipper in the side seam.

Dress "Ariadne" - 700 UAH.
Composition: oil + mesh.
Light summer dress free silhouette. Vtachnye sleeves, coquette shelf and back and lining are made of oil. The top of the dress consists of three tiers of a colored grid.

The dress "Latin" - 950 UAH.
Ingredients: thin bengalin.
Light summer dress for relaxing in a romantic style. The ruffles at the bottom of the dress give an extraordinary femininity and tenderness. The smell of the dress is regulated by the belt.

Sarafan saira - 730 UAH.
Composition: printed thin cotton.
Exotic sarafan for courageous and extravagant girls, which will emphasize your individual traits. A product of half-fitted silhouette, cut-off along the waist line. The upper part of the shelf is made for the smell, skirt-half sun, adjustable straps and a secret zipper in the side seam. Addition to the sarafan is a coquettish belt "under stockings", ending with bows and lacing on the back and a small stand on the neck.

Dress "Irene" - 870 UAH.
Composition: thin costume fabric.
Casual light dress half-fitted silhouette. At the top of the shelf are two shuttlecock, giving the dress some dressing. The figure belt, which is sewed under the flounces, ends on the back, the ends of which are fastened with an eyelet under the gold and four barrettes. In the middle of the backrest, a secret zipper.

Dress "Ruzana" - 940 UAH.
Composition: gorgeous and airy fabric "Marquiset".
Casual dress of a fitted silhouette, cut-off along the waist line. Unusual vtachnoy sleeve-a flashlight, the puffiness of which is emphasized by bracing. The skirt-half-sun in the front part is collected in a deep warehouse. The top and bottom of the dress are connected with each other by a prickly belt. In the side, a seam flute. Item on the lining.

The dress "Karina" - 880 UAH.
Composition: thin crepe.
Summer dress with a fitted out silhouette. Belt along the waist line and the bottom of the sleeves-raglan are gathered in several rows on a string-elastic. Thin adjustable straps support the sleeve oval. The dress has a bar that fastens on large elegant buttons. The skirt is double-layered.

Tunnel "Ashley" - 800 UAH.
Composition: prosh.
Light tunic-shirt, which will be in addition to any summer room. The bottom of the sleeves is assembled on an elastic band. At the waist there is a kulisk, into which is inserted a band, tied behind. A small hood. Plank along the entire length of the product, fastened with buttons. Sleeves are decorated with sewing ornaments.

Sarafan "Meribet" - 710 UAH.
Composition: structural costume fabric.
A smart dress with a fitted silhouette, cut off along the waist line. The upper part of the shelf is decorated with ruffs made of fine mesh. In the center, the backs are arranged in two rows of eyelets, into which the cord is passed. There is a secret zipper in the side seam. Strap adjustable.
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