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Prices and description of the novelties of the continuation of the collection "MY DREAMS"


Dress "Yaroslav" - 1160 UAH.
Composition: brocade + lace + Euronet.
Dress elegant dress of an adjacent silhouette, cutting off the waist line. The upper part of the dress is made of a delicate lace fabric, planted on the euroset. The lower part - the skirt-half sun and the finish of the armhole are made of brocade. The upper and lower parts are interconnected by a parachute belt. There is a secret zipper in the side seam.

Costume "Dominga" - 810 UAH.
Composition: prosh.
Summer everyday suit-two consists of a blouse and trousers. Blouse is free-cut with a short sleeve "kimono". A thin belt under the crotch allows you to adjust the waist. The edge of the sleeve and the bottom of the blouse are delayed by a wide ribbon ribbon, and the top is sewn with a star decoration. Free trousers on the belt, with side slotted pockets and a secret zipper in the side seam.

Costume "Selenga" In - 1000 UAH.
Composition: structural costume fabric.
Summer casual suit is a two-piece, consisting of a jacket and skirt. Double-breasted jacket with a fitted silhouette, on the shelves of which are slotted pockets with valves. Lining on the jacket in the area of ​​the shelf, sleeves and back without a lining. It is fastened with one button. A short narrow skirt on the vtachnoe belt with patch pockets, fastens behind a secret zipper.

Dress "Rada" - 1030 UAH.
Composition: printed chiffon.
Light summer dress free silhouette. A one-hose sleeve ¾ is assembled along the edge of the string-string. Turn-down collar on the counter along with the strap on the buttons are particularly prominent with the original decollete solution. The skirt of the half-sun in the upper part is assembled on a string-elastic in five rows, which makes it possible to emphasize the waist line. Skirt on the lining.

Suit "Versailles" - 1010 UAH.
Composition: thin satin jacquard
Summer comfortable suit-two, consists of a blouse and trousers. The blouse is a semi-fitted silhouette in which a collared turn-down collar on the stand, a button strap and a fancy armhole finish are very much combined. A very fashionable element of this blouse is a wing that gently falls down on the arm. Wide skirt-trousers on a privatny belt with a secret zipper in the side seam and slotted side pockets.

Overalls "Ljubljana" - 1050 UAH.
Composition: printed atlas Armani.
Summer overalls in a free style, cut-off along the waist line. The top part of overalls with a sleeve "Japanese" is executed on a smell. The soft collar-shawl smoothly passes to the back in the form of a turndown collar, which is fastened to two small buttons. The lower part along the waist line is assembled in several rows on an elastic string and has internal pockets in the side seams, the entrance to which is determined by the accustomed shut-off valves. The decoration of the product is a sewn chic rose with elements of colored beads. The set includes a thin fabric girdle.

Overalls "Narni" - 950 UAH.
Composition: printed atlas Armani.
Summer loose overalls, detachable along the waist line. A light hood in the upper part of the overalls smoothly turns into a turn-down collared chalet collar. In the side seams of wide trousers are slotted inner pockets. The hood is trimmed and the attached belt, assembled on an elastic band, is made of finishing fabric. The bottom of the trousers on the cuffs, in which the elastic band is inserted. On the middle seam of the backrest is a secret zipper.

Dress "Elia" - 820 UAH.
Composition: oil.
A very unusual extravagant cocktail double dress with a fitted silhouette. The collar-shawl lies in front of the smell. Drapery on the side seams will emphasize all the dignity of your figure and hide any shortcomings.

Costume "Nona" - 1080 UAH.
Composition: chiffon "georgette" + printed costume fabric.
Casual comfortable suit in a free style, consists of a blouse and a skirt. Delicate blouse with vtachnym sleeve, the bottom of which is assembled on an elastic band. Before the lip-draped odor-torsion. The skirt is two-folded to the bottom. Pritaychnaya belt, hidden zipper in the side seam and inner pockets in the front.

Dress "Tatiana" - 1000 UAH.
Composition: cotton.
Casual summer dress with semi-adjacent silhouette, cut-off along the waist line. Turn-down collar on the rack, the strap reaches the waist line and fastens on the buttons. In front of the skirt are the inner side pockets and soft warehouses. The collar and the lower ruffle of the dress are made of finishing guipure. There is a secret zipper in the side seam. Dress on a thin knitted lining. In the complete set - a fabric belt.

Costume "Verona" - 1050 UAH.
Composition: viscose + thin stretch-coton.
This double suit is a great choice for summer holidays. A classic lightweight viscose t-shirt will save you in any heat. Straight trousers on a privatny belt, which is fastened to the button and zipper. On the back, there are two overhead pockets. A special charm betrays this costume, customized flowers in the style of 3D.

The dress "Lesya" - 930grn.
Composition: prosh.
Easy dress in free style "trapezoid". Coquette dresses and cuffs vtachnoy sleeves are made of expensive lace fabric. In the upper part there are two counter plates, which are connected together by a thin rep strip, inserted in the eyelets. The product is on a thin knitted lining.

Suit "Taya" - 730 UAH.
Composition: knitted fabric "hem" + printed suit fabric.
Casual comfortable suit-two, consisting of a jumper and a skirt. A sweater is a bat, a bat, the bottom of which is assembled on a narrow cuff, and the sleeve cuff is elongated to a length of ¾. A classic skirt is a pencil with a tucked in waistband, a secret zipper over the middle seam of the back and a small slot. Curly fragments with a decorative snake are set on the front part of the skirt.
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