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What to wear on New Year 2016 - Year of the Fire Monkey?


Of course in chic fire dresses from MEDINI!
The most favorite holiday of the year has been, is and will be the New Year. It is desirable not only in children but in adults, so many people are trying to prepare for his arrival in advance. We draw up a festive menu, decorate an apartment, think over the script of a holiday and break their heads over what to dress up New Year's Eve. New outfit plays an important role during the celebration because of the properly sized image of the success of the party, our mood and even destiny. It picked up toilet to like Mistress of the year, so she gave us their generous gifts. What dress adequately to celebrate the New Year 2016, we will tell in this article, as well as the photos show the most suitable clothes.

General advice on choosing the dress

The most important thing - you should be comfortable in the chosen clothes. We assure you, good-natured pet monkey, ready to make concessions. It is many things can look the other way. Alone will not tolerate Monkey - sadness and discouragement. Try to choose a New Year costume that he did of you "strict lady." Festive night itself involves constant movement, dances, cheerful and brisk contests, and fast reaction to this or that joke surprise.

If you decide to pick up the chilling toilet, then as soon as possible give up this idea. Dress for New Year 2016 must be easy and convenient to the first call could be broken and fly towards new adventures. By the way, this outfit is itself a positive charge because you will constantly be in a state of "waiting for happiness." That is what we expect from Fire Monkey. Styles it is not very important. If all you want to wear something more "democratic", it you will not be offended, but it is worth considering that in the crowd of visitors patronizing character will notice all of those who will look bright and eccentric. Monkey attracts all bright, unusual and brilliant.

Actual colors and shades in the new dresses 2016

Once people learned that 2016 will be a symbol of Fire Monkey, it became clear that, the hostess indifferent to all the "fiery shades." If these colors you like, to fit your style, in general, if they suit you, feel free to buy a red "screaming" dress. Romantic red or coral color certainly exciting Monkey notice and generously reward you for such a festive toilet. But at the same preferences it may go beyond the red color, because the imagination, the patron does not know borders, and therefore from the people she waits for the manifestation of the same quality.

Before you pick up a dress for New Year note the flame, watch its bright tongues. What color are they? What you see in this fire? Red, yellow, orange, blue, green - all these shades of "live" in flames. Monkey itself is like a flame: nature is fickle but passionate. That's why she liked the fiery outfits. Monkey look and feel as the colors that appear in the flame of a candle or fireplace decaying. All shades of ashen, brown, combined with red or gold, beige - that's the perfect color for your Christmas decoration.

But do not think that you need to turn on the Christmas party at the torch. It is advisable to choose a dress in which like fire will "jump" Bright tabs - this will be the perfect dress. It is also possible to hide the flame in his eyes, or jewelry. That's mistress in 2016 must be to see you. Remember, fire - is your passport to a happy life in the New Year. But the fiery palette is not all that symbolizes the upcoming celebration. Also, you can use any bright saturated colors of tropical birds, jungle and flowers. Yellow, green, blue, pink - all these colors should blend into your New Year's toilet in one. But about a touch of red is still not sure. To celebrate the New Year 2016 are perfect Lurex, paetki, shiny fabrics, in general, all catchy, original and colorful. This dress will make sure your favorite Fire Monkey.

What to wear on New Year's Eve 2016 each sign of the zodiac?

For Aries are perfect silk outfits. Their romantic nature certainly will flash at the festival in the dress (shirt dress) with a frame made of natural fabrics. Do not forget to include the toilet something red, in order to fully meet the requirements of the Monkey.

Taurus should focus their attention to accessories. The best option for this New Year's huge yellow earrings. This ornament will attract admiring glances not only of the opposite sex, but also favor good luck in the coming year. To adequately enter into the New Year,

Twins must purchase your along something fresh. For example, it may be double-sash, mounted on the waist. Color enhancement - red. Twins can also wear identical bracelets on both arms.

That someone should observe secrecy, so it's Cancers. They need to get a mask, because New Year's Eve may cause some intrigue, which is not open to others. The mask will need representatives of this sign just to hide confusion (anger, excitement or other feelings) from the prying eyes of the guests present.

Lions on New Year's party may shine as prescribed and their tsarist person. Want to decorate your head a crown - go ahead! No one will argue with you not. Diadem will show everything, including Monkey, who's on this holiday.

All Virgin (except men) need to put on a beautiful dress. Moreover, the image is to pick a romantic and gentle. Buy the flowing floor-skirt, shawl of exotic fabrics. Should be given in addition to its almost ethereal look.

Scales - it is a sign that is allowed to wear the fur. Stars strongly advised not to overlook this detail. If the room in which you are going to celebrate the New Year, it will be hot, pick up accessories with fur trim.

Can play around with New Year's toilet Scorpions, and then they will be able to tune in to the enchanting wave of next year. Girls fit outrageous fashions, with a deep neckline or a mini skirt.

Archers should focus on the selection of a comfortable outfit in which they will feel like in slippers. Do not pick up sophisticated styles, heavy dresses, with a variety of massive parts and fasteners. New year 2016 this is the holiday when the most simple dress will be the most chic to your outfit.

Capricorns-girls should wear the trousers of a light fabric. You can pick up the outfit, like a concubine of the harem. Presented? Then go to the store and pick up the costumes appropriate image to the Mistress of the year you want to protect. From shoes should give preference Ballerinas than heels.

So someone will have to try to please the monkey, it's Aquarius. They must demonstrate the breadth of his views, to draw the attention of the Mistress of 2016. Take full advantage of shiny fabrics and Lurex. For example, you can put on a miniature fitting dress, and put on top translucent cardigan.

Pisces need to decorate your head hat, crown, or any other decoration. Therefore, pre-think over hairstyle. A suitable option - a small pill hat with a veil. Desirably, red.
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