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Our start 2008-2010

Famous Ukrainian brand Medini appeared in 2008 in the city of Kharkiv. During this period, the company was able to win more and more popularity in the growing market for fashionable clothes. A bold blend of styles in clothes - is the main feature of the brand. The collections of the brand Medini increasingly viewed incongruous, at first glance the details. If you try to describe briefly this style, it is possible to use the expression - "daring romance." Models Medini longer prednaznacheny brand for the modern woman who always looks stylish and bright and at the same time, which can take a risk and experiment, which may appear in the image that reflects her inner world, her mood. The woman in the dress is always tempting, moderately aggressive and defiant, but she is very feminine and a bit mysterious.

development 2011-2013

In the period since 2011 is rapidly developing company Medini-Original opens the wholesale branches in large cities such as Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa.
Also during this period, the company Medini-Original is actively participating in international exhibitions, and became a leading manufacturer of women's clothing, not only in Ukraine but also abroad.


Official store

November 5, 2014, there was another very important event in the history of MEDINI - opened its first boutiques in Ukraine. The design of the boutique is designed in the same style, light-colored walls give a sense of harmony and space, and refined minimalism and fine detail are a luxury, dressed in a very simple shell. Boutique companies MEDINI, located at Kharkov, Sumskaya str. 82.

7-years of the company

Dear friends! 01.09.2015 We was 7 years old !!!!

Yes Yes! That friends! Because in the last 7 years of our brand you become not just customers, namely friends! I do not be afraid to add that many of you have become not just friends and loved ones and family. This applies not only to customers but also to our dedicated, loyal employees who are committed to our common and favorite business all the time and effort!

Thanks you very much! Low bow to you!


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