Jacket P-717 Impero+Unito tone 1

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Jacket women's winter made of two kinds of Italian woolen fabric, with a straight silhouette vtachnymi sleeves. Kapyushon- not removable. Sleeves with turn-down cuffs.

Lining - Nylon - 100% insulated with wool batting.

The jacket is decorated with inserts of fabric finishing, stitching simulating the hand-stitch, straight stitch

Pockets - in relief

Furry hood and sleeve- not removable, made of high-quality Finnish fur.

Clasp single-breasted 5 buttons.

The model is presented in the amount of 50-64.

Long sleeves - 65 cm.

Length on the back 86 cm.
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Ой извиняюсь. Забыла отправить. грудь 124 талия 115 бёдра 138

Размер 64.



Здравствуйте. На такие объёмы какой размер нужен?

Здравствуйте. На какие объемы?



Скажите, мех натуральный ?

Здравствуйте, мех натуральный

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