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Jacket women's youth, demi-season, is made of two colors of raincoat fabrics, direct silhouette with raglan sleeves. Collar - Front single cut with a set-hood, in the article there are the scenes with which you can adjust the silhouette of the product at the waist line and the bottom.

Lining - Nylon - 100%.

The jacket is decorated with a finishing of the fabric parts into fly-away elements, stitching, rivets, decorative clasps on buttons, braid "lightning".

 Pockets - top right - slotted in the "frame" with the valve, and to the left at the top and bottom - slotted in the "box" with a valve in figure undercuts.

Buckle on webbing "lightning", which is closed windproof strap with five decorative buckles of leather, which fastened with a button.

The model is presented in size from 42-52

Length on the back 79 cm. size length increases slightly.

Sleeve length 65cm
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Здравствуйте. Можно узнать какой размер демонтстрирует эта модель. 44 или 46. У меня одинаковые габариты с ней скажем так. Спасибо.


Здравствуйте. На модели представлен 44 размер.

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