Jacket B-949 Lake tone 25

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Jacket youth demi made of raincoat fabrics, straight silhouette pants with a jacket shoulders and sleeves cut. Cuff the sleeves and bottom of the product are made of knitted fabric. Turn-down collar with drawstring fly away.
Podkladka- neylon- 100%.
The jacket is decorated with decorative stripes on the back and arm, stitches, lace, cord.
Welt pockets with tape "lightning"
"Lightning" Central zastezhka- on braid.
The model is presented in sizes 42-54
Sleeve length - 63 cm
Products on the back length of 58 cm. With the size of the product length increases.
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Здравствуйте, Подскажите, пожалйста, какая длина курточки в размере 52. Замерте, пожалуйста, максимальный ог для размеров 44 и 46. Спасибо

Здравствуйте. На какие прараметры Вам надо?



Здравствуйте! На ОГ 104 какой размер нужен?

Здравствуйте. 52 размер.

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