Jacket B-979 Lace tone 16

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Jacket women's winter made of raincoat fabrics varnish, silicone insulated №150, straight silhouette, tapering, raglan sleeves. Collar- Front of knitted fabric. Hood - removable webbing on "lightning" edge of the artificial Mouton. Cuffs - removable braid on "lightning", made of artificial Mouton.
top fabric - 100% polyester lacquer.
Lining 100% nylon or satin, insulated with synthetic padding №100.
The jacket is decorated with undercuts, finishing lines, buttons.
Pockets - "to weld" shelves on the buttons.
"Lightning" The central buckle on webbing.
The model is presented in the amount of 42-56.
Sleeve length 65 cm.
Length on the back 82 cm.
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