Jacket B-992 Lace tone 25

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Jacket women's winter, is made of two colors of raincoat fabrics, insulated with Thinsulate, direct silhouette with a flared skirt, snatched truncated on the bottom shelves and low on the back, with a set-sleeved. Hood - not removable.
Bottom product contracted at the scenes.
The fabric top - lacquer two matt colors, selected on the contrast of light and dark.
Composition 100% polyester.
Lining 100% nylon, insulated with synthetic padding.
Down jacket is decorated with finishing details, cutting, stitching, buttons.
Karmany- welt "leaves" with button.
Central closure of five decorative buttons.
The model is presented in the amount of 42-54.
Sleeve length 65 cm.
Length on the back 87 cm.
on the shelf length of 77 cm.
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