Coat P-842 e Rita Tone 1

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Women's winter coat made of wool Italian fabric with finishing knitwear and leather, adjacent silhouette with vtachnymi sleeves. Turn-down collar-. Kapyushon- removable on the buttons. The product with drawstring waist and bottom of the product.
Lining - neylon- 100% insulated with wool batting.
The coat is decorated with inserts of fabric finishing, straight lines, Soutache, embroidered woolen yarn, snakes, halitenami, snakes, buttons.
Upper pockets - welt with a snake, the lower-slit valve and simulated surface-carmine.
Not removable edge of the hood is made of high-quality Finnish fur.
Clasp single-breasted snake shifted on and buttons.
Long sleeve-65 cm.
The length of the product on the back 93 cm. With dimensions of long products increased
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Добрый день.Опушка у воротника искусственная или финский мех?

Здравствуйте. Именно в этом артикуле натуральный мех енота. А если есть в артикуле и/м, то искуственный мех.

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