Coat P-968 Cashmere + i/m tone 11

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product description
Women's winter coat made of cashmere two colors with faux fur trim to the sleeves vtachnymi, adjacent silhouette. Collar- turndown lapel.
Lining 100% nylon or satin, with insulation batting.
The coat is decorated with undercuts, inserts of fabric finishing, into fly-away items, buttons, metal ornaments.
Pockets - to undercut shelves.
The clasp on the three punch buttons, three buttons and sewing hook on the collar.
The model is presented in sizes 42-50.
Sleeve length 65 cm.
Products on the back length of 88 cm. With the size of the product length increases.
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на ОГ96, ОБ102 какой размер

Размер 48.



Это димесизон или зима?

Это зима, пальто на ватине.

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