Coat P-976 i/m Art. "Mol" tone 78

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product description
Women's winter coat made of coat fabrics trimmed with faux fur fox semiadherent silhouette with cap sleeves. Stand collar.
Lining 100% nylon or satin, insulated slimteksom №100.
Pockets - skirt with zipper on the products Sew button.
Clasp single-breasted four-punch buttons and three sewing
The model is presented in the amount of 42-50.
Sleeve length 56 cm.
Length on the back 90 cm.
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Какой цвет этой модели у пальтовой ткани?на замеры 102-90-107 подойдет ли размер 50?

Цвет- кофе с молоком. Размер 50 подойдет.

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