Coat B-1103 Chanel-Lurex tone 1

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product description
The coat is a women's demi-season, made of two types of coat fabric, semi-adjacent silhouette with one-piece sleeves. Collar - one-piece stand.
Lining 100% nylon
The coat is decorated with inserts from the finishing fabric, cuts, cuts on the sides, buttons, on the back a decorative patch
Pockets - waybills
Double-breasted closure for two main buttons, one secret and three sewing buttons.
The model is presented in sizes 44-54
Sleeve length 65 cm
Length of the product on the back 87 cm
Cloth Upper
"Chanel Lurex" - The fabric has a loose interlacing structure that creates volume. The cell is represented on the contrast of the main tone with the addition of lurex yarn, creating a light shine.
"Cell-pack" is a tissue of a boucle with a cage. Has a loose structure of interlacing with the original nodules around the perimeter of the cell and sewn on the pawns, creating a slight flicker.
"Tweed-cell" - tweed, has a weakly expressed cell, made with colored threads
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