Coat В-904 Colibri Anqora AGU tone 50

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Youth coat with side and shoulder seams of soft Italian woolen fabric. Sleeve vtachnoy. According to the elbow seam decorative tag Leatherette 3 and sew on buttons. The back is gathered in soft tucks polupoyasom stitched leatherette. The loops stitched belt - Removable belt at the waist made of artificial leather. Large vtachnoy hood in the middle detachable zipper, easily turns into a soft collar. In the area of ​​the shoulder seams inside Drawstring, with which you can adjust the fit of the product. On a shelf pockets decorated with imitation leather. The inside of the hood, pockets, bottom piping made of soft, decorative, fine faux fur. Clasp coat 3 Sew a button.
Sleeve Length 65 cm.
The length of the back of the product - 85 cm.
The model is presented in sizes 42-50
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