Coat В-965 Omar tone 7

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product description
Coat female demi-season, made of high-quality coat fabrics, semiadherent silhouette with drawn sleeves. The product with a collar.

Podkladka- nylon 100%

Coat decorated concise half-relief, rep braid on the collar, sew-on stones, metal braid. On the sleeve of metal jewelry.

Pockets "leaves in embossed seam shelves"

Clasp six Sew buttons.

The model is presented in sizes 42-54

Sleeve length shorter - 45 cm

Products on the back Length 86 -. 87 cm With the size of the product length increases.
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Здравствуйте. Размер 50.



Здравствуйте. На ОГ 90, ОТ 74 подойдёт 44? Просто 46 нету....

Здравствуйте. 44 размер будет мал, нужен 46, а его нет.



Добрый день! ОГ 94 см, ОТ 74 см, размер 46 подойдет?

Здравствуйте. Подойдет.

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