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Dear Clients
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In this section we have tried as much as possible to collect all the information on cooperation. To speed up the processing of your order, please carefully read this section, and then, if questions still remain You can always ask them to our managers.
Minimal order


5 unit


10 unit


10 unit


10 unit


10 unit


10 unit

Other country

10 unit

You can order any model in all colors and sizes, most importantly, what would the final amount was not less than the minimum amount.

We want to warn you that the items you have ordered to replace / remove in order PROHIBITED !!!
When you create an order must indicate in the comments of the date of the invoice and the currency in which you want to pay!

Please note that all contact information that you specify during the ordering process, should be completed carefully and correctly. Many processes are automated on the site. For example, if you enter the phone number is not in the international format, we can not get through to you, and you will not receive an SMS with information on the completion of the collection order and the need to pay. And therefore we can not send you the order. The phone number should be in the format of Ukraine + 38operator codeXXXXXXX for Russia + 7operator codeXXXXXXX. Please do not insert the phone number spaces, hyphens, parentheses!

Also, if you enter the city is not true dispatch warehouse for new mail (Ukraine) company or the carrier you may have trouble getting the order

For Ukraine

Payment is made in local currency cash on delivery. After graduating from the collection of the order you receive an SMS message in the amount of the order. Upon receipt of the order to the post office, you pay for the service of COD and the order itself. You can download the invoice in your personal account, as well as it will come in the newsletter after the collection order

For Russia

Payment is accepted only in the equivalent of rubles and dollars for 100% prepayment

For other countries

Payment is accepted only in the equivalent in dollars or euros, 100% prepayment


For Ukraine

Delivery is carried out only through the New Post. Order you take stock for New Post. With the New Post address of the warehouse can be found here http://novaposhta.ua/frontend/warenhouses/ua

In order to keep track of goods in Waybill number go to http://novaposhta.ua/frontend/tracking/ua

For Russia

Sending transport companies:

PEC (the first forwarding company)
Baikal service
Business line
Skiff cargo
Courier service




Services TK "Courier Service" paid by the recipient


In connection with the theft of transport companies in Russia, in order to best protect the load and save your money, leadership brand Medini introduces new packaging rules of order.

All the orders will be packed with tape, as previously in the layer 2, and stacked in a wicker bags. The bag is tied with nylon thread and sealed with metal or plastic seal. On top of the bag around the perimeter of a transparent adhesive tape to be strapped for sending information (name of the recipient, phone, city transport company) Please note that the other adhesive tape on the bag should not be.

The cost of the security measures equivalent to $ 5. In this regard, the minimum order delivery services will cost the equivalent of $ 23 + $ 5 = $ 28. (This amount includes all the carrier's delivery to the warehouse in the city of destination). If the order has a coat of shipping is calculated from the conditions chtodostavka each winter coat is the equivalent of $ 15, demi coat jacket equivalent - $ 10 jacket or coat in the equivalent of $ 5.

Please note that upon delivery straight from stock transport company need to check the package for integrity of packaging, line weight and the actual weight, specified in the declaration and the availability of goods on consignment.

If you are visually assessed the package and determined that the damaged bag, wrapped with tape or other color in the wrong place, remove the seal or package came without any bag, the inner package is damaged you need to immediately contact a representative of the transport company. They, in turn, need to fix this fact and if the premise is really something, is not enough - you compensate for the damage.

For Kazakhstan

Delivery TK EMS, Air mail, Courier service, PEC, Zheldorekspeditsiya

For Belarus

Delivery in Ukraine in the area bordering with Belarus, Ukrpochta air or EMC.

For other countries

Delivery Ukrpochta air or EMS.


Following administration of these services, the company is not responsible for the delivery of your goods!