Dress "First Lady" B1

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Composition: Suit fabrics.
Dress adjacent silhouette, for special occasions. Made of costume fabric. Decorated with elegant French lace. Baska sewn in the waist gives a slim figure. By the middle back seam secret zipper inserted. At the bottom of the dress small incision.
Model height in the picture 170  cm. Sizes: 42-44 (M); 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL). Clothing which is produced under the brand name "Medini Original" - is always an exclusive design, and original cut.
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Подскажите , Грудь 104,талия 85,бедра 110 какой лучше размер взять ?

Размер ХЛ.



Добрый день! Помогите пожалуйста определить размер на параметры 96-75-96. Лучше М или Л?

Здравствуйте. Лучше Л.

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