Dress "Sheila" C2

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Composition: structural fabric costume.
Daytime dress fitted silhouette, cutting the waist line. Front zipper zastezhka- -traktor. Vtachnoy narrow short sleeves, collar- desk. The skirt knit lining. And nakonets double "Coquille", which gives the dress an unusual appearance.
Model height in the picture 170  cm. Sizes: 42-44 (M); 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL). Clothing which is produced under the brand name "Medini Original" - is always an exclusive design, and original cut.
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Платье в реальности супер красивое, нежное, великолепное. Фото в каталоге ????????



ДД! Подскажите, на ОГ 112 подойдет?


Здравствуйте! Будет очень облегать.

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