Poncho B-1019 Terra Tone 31

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product description
Poncho is a women's demi-season, made of Italian loose fabric silhouette. A product with a full collar. Product without sleeves, front shortened, rear elongated.

The material of the top is a knitted fabric with a high wool content.

Product without lining.

Poncho is decorated with embroidery on the edge of the product.

The pocket is an invoice.

Clasp for sewing button

The model is presented in sizes 44-54

The length of the product on the shelf is 68 cm

The length of the product on the back is 106 cm
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Добрый день!на параметры 103-90-107 48 размер не подойдет???


Здравствуйте. Подойдет.



здравствуйте ,подскажите на параметры 95-76-95,какой лучше размер взять ?Спасибо.

Здравствуйте. Размер 46-48

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