Down jacket PD-824 Lake tone 11

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Warm winter jacket for children and teenagers!
It is made of two colors, "Lax" quality fabrics! Jacket fitted silhouette, double insulated synthetic padding, with a belt! Sleeve- vtachnoy, stand-up collar, cuffs of dovyaza!
Podkladka- neylon- 100%.
Furry fur - Finnish fox! The hood is fastened with a zipper, removable edge.
The jacket is decorated with inlays of finishing fabrics, stitches knit, assemblage, bows.
Upper karmany- leaves in the seam, made of jersey
Nizhnie- overhead with klapanom- bow.
Zipper - zipper
The model is presented in sizes from 28 to 36.

With the size of the product and the sleeve length is increased
* Cloth - lacquer is a modern fabric with a special gloss finish on one side which gives it a lasting shine.
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