Stylish jacket "San Remo" А1

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Suit fabrics - crepe.
This women's jacket fitted silhouette with vtachnymi sleeves, draped in a "fantasy" style. "Snag" pocket. English collar with narrow lapels. Fastens with one button. The floors are made of the jacket in the form of "scissors". The product on the lining of nylon.
Model height in the picture 170  cm. Sizes: 42-44 (M); 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL). Clothing which is produced under the brand name "Medini Original" - is always an exclusive design, and original cut.
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Здравствуйте, на ОГ 98, ОТ 83 какой размер подойдет?

Здравствуйте. Размер Л. Если широкая спина, то можно ХЛ.



Здравствуйте) На параметры ОГ-93 см,ОТ-70 см какой размер лучше подойдет?

Здравствувуйте. Размер Л.

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