Evening dress-body "Dream forward" А2

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Dress - Body new season 2016! Elegant dress made of expensive Italian guipure. Lining in a dress, body of elastane, decorated with lace, which makes the possessor even more attractive!
The length of the product at the center back - 152 cm., Sleeve length - 40 cm., The length of the side seam on the body - 36 cm.
Model height in the picture 170  cm. Sizes: 42-44 (M); 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL). Clothing which is produced under the brand name "Medini Original" - is always an exclusive design, and original cut.
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Скажите можно ли подьюбник самим дошить ..или нет такой возможности у платья?


На боди отрезная талия, Вы можете отпороть низ боди и пришить подъюбник.

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