Evening dress "Laguna" D1

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Composition: atlas "Armani" + mesh + French lace.
Evening dress adjacent silhouette skirt polusolntse. The front part of the bodice is decorated with exquisite French lace sewn on the grid, the back of the bodice is made of mesh, it consists of two parts, which are fixed at the mouth of the smell, and below the waist to form a small droplet. French lace sleeve to the elbow. The bodice and skirt are interconnected stitched belt. The side seam is a hidden zipper.
Model height in the picture 170  cm. Sizes: 42-44 (M); 46-48 (L); 50-52 (XL). Clothing which is produced under the brand name "Medini Original" - is always an exclusive design, and original cut.
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